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California Custom Milling's Facilities
California Custom Milling is proud to showcase our 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art wood milling facility. Below are
a few samples of our machinery/facility that enable us to produce the best quality millwork that is second to none.

  • One of our 7200 RPM moulders that produces a high quality finish.
    We take great satisfaction in knowing all of our equipment is up to
    date. This allows us to consistently achieve levels of quality most mills
    simply cannot match.

  • High powered dust collection system ensures a consistent finish.
    Other then out-dated or improperly maintained machinery, inadequate
    dust collection is often the cause of poor milling.

  • Laser guidance system on rip saw maximizes yields. This can improve
    yields dramatically by allowing the operator to quickly determine the
    best possible way to rip the wood.